recorded 1/26/14 happy birthday max

Nadia Bourne - vocals
Ramsi Harrison - vocals
Bobby Moses - Violin
Jacob Cohen - Cello
engineered by Jason Potvin of the Consciousness Collective
Valkova All Foundation 
February 10th 2014

a recent multilayer track recorded by Jason Potvin of the Consciousness Collective

Played 49 times

Entitled “One Day Soon” This is my latest solo recording and represents where I am at in my development in the beginning of 2013…enjoy!

This is the raw unedited video of a guerilla performance that I did in the Hammerstein Ballroom along with performance Uniska Wahala Kano

Jacob Cohen Documentary

filmed and edited over the course of one day by Patrick Rulh February 2012 in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Jacob Syrup

Music and artwork by Jacob Cohen, maple syrup production organized by Michael Cohen, filmed and edited by Max Cohen in March 2012.  

Ouchi Gallery Performance 1/5/2012

Jacob Cohen playing cello, Uniska Wahalo Kano as Bearded Lady, Max Cohen as the Goat, and Nadia Bourne singing…filmed and edited by Josh Milowe

Subway Performance

Jacob Cohen and Uniska Wahalo Kano performing at Delancey Street subway station January 2012 filmed by a random onlooker

Latissimus Dorsi

music by Jacob Cohen (produced by Manicanparty), animation by Max Cohen, model on the floor

Punk Jah Skin Flick

music by Jacob Cohen, Animation by Max Cohen, model on the floor